Cartoons for Grown Ups
2012 and 2013
Dimensions variable, Paintings, brass, branches, plaster, steel, wood, spring, pulley, concrete, latex, weights, card, rod and motor. Also Animation projection on a mechanical roller: motors, pipes, projector, paper screen and wood.

In the series Cartoons for Grown Ups, Sonia Shiel's paintings and sculptures are contracted together by innuendo, weights, levers, whistled ballads and springs that exaserbate the entrapment between her protagonists and their environment.

Up The Walls, curated by Seamus Kealy, Director of The Model, Sligo and To Start With, Lets Remove the Colour, curated by Paul McAree, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios.

Watch: Cartoons for Grown Ups, excerpt. 2012

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Dimensions variable. Oil on starched silk and on stretched and rolled canvas; concrete, wood, hinges, concealed mp3 players x 2, audio/whistling and speakers.
Installation shots:
The Model,
Sligo and Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin.

stretched and rolled canvas, 2010 Oil on Canvas Detail, mp3 player & speaker Oil on Rolled and Stretched Canvas Oil on stretched silk, board&canvas