Misadventure Seeks Rainy Afternoon, 2014.

Breadcrumbs on painted sponge; latex; ceramics; wood and board.
Dimensions variable c. 18x12x12ft. at
The Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork, Curated by Chris Clarke
and Oonagh Young Gallery, curated by Mary Cremin.

Misadventure Seeks Rainy Afternoon commandeers a selection of legal and official documents to create a series of prompted narratives that recast scenarios into compelling life-size fictions. Staging various disaster scenarios, this work is layered in a pantomime of costume, drama, stormy weather and celestial doom.
All works 2013/2014, oil on canvas, 241x373cm; 360x460cm; 300x240cm; 300x240cm and 400x500cm and 18ft x 12 ft.

and Mise en Abyme, 2014

It was not clear at that distance from which mountain the cloud was rising; its general appearance can best be expressed as being like an umbrella pine, for it rose to a great height on a sort of trunk and then split off into branches, I imagine because it was thrust upwards by the first blast and then left unsupported as the pressure subsided, or else it was borne down by its own weight so that it spread out and gradually dispersed.
-Pliny the Younger 79 AD. Letters On The Destruction of Pompeii.

Pompeii’s ash and pumice took only 2 days to roll in and fall still, entombing life in its path and fossilising a people’s confrontation with death. Jug in hand, baby on breast - a civilisation’s living gestures, mockingly turned to stone. Meaning literally to be placed into an abyss - Mise en abyme can describe the visual experience of seeing an infinite reproduction of one's image and has been used to describe self-reflexivity in various art-forms and narrative structures. Here, however, it is not ash and pumice, but a blanket of processed crumbs and snackboxes, that damns one world as bite-size in another. Mise En Abyme takes the form of a large bread-crumbed nugget, standing 18ft high and 12ft across. The unruly menagerie embroiling celestial and natural forms with tokens of man’s law, labour, legacy and loot is supra-plundered by cartoon bites and proposes that all animals; domestic and wild; winged, legged, horned, gilled and human, share a place on an insatiable and indiscriminate food-chain.

Mise En Abyme installation Shots
Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork, and IMMA, Dublin

Fieldworks by Stephen Maloney, August 18, 2014

Fieldworks: Animal Habitats in Contemporary Art
Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork by Francis Halsall