The End of the World in Pictures and Machines
Wood, popcorn, sponge, coins, painted boxes, collar and bell, card, mouse droppings, wood, painted floor, papiermache and paintings; oil on canvas (325 x 450cm), oil on canvas (220 x 450), oil on canvas (x 2) 40 x 30 cm) and oil on board x 2 (80 x 60cm), oil on canvases x 48, each variable, card, wood, papiermache, pony jumps, betting slips and board.

The End of the World in Pictures and Machines. 2012
Supported by the Arts Council, Kulturamt Frankfurter and Centre Culturel Irlandais.

Painted works and sculptures are wrangled into absurd fables and represented as 3-dimensional framed vitrines. While typically associated with museums and often illustrating the evolution of a bygone time, Shiel's vitrines are made up of paintings, mock consumables and memorabilia as if to propose the dangers of ever reaching our potential.

Installation shots:
Galway Arts Centre; Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin and Kulturbunker, Frankfurt.


oil on canvas The Human Race