Parse, 2014.
Unseen Presence, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.
Projected animation, colour and sound, total duration 00:14:34, excerpt 00:07:44. Video Projection, Seats and Screen Dimensions variable; wood, painted canvas and sponge.

Using hand painted footage, projection panning, model making, animated sculpture, stop motion animation and found footage, Parse is the story of a young girl determined to bring about the return of her mother from a trip to outer space, in accordance with the laws of jocular physics under which her world is ruled. Set in a cartoon-habitat, where things do fall consciously; space and distance are compressed; death is recoverable from and stars are souvenirs, what at first seems to be a child's efforts to comprehend a tragic lie becomes a rationalisation of her mother's absence and even promises a plausible return. However a happy ending and the suspension of our belief are threatened by the very syntax that constructs them.

Written and narrated by Sonia Shiel.

Supported by the Arts Council Project Award for ISCP & the Art and Law Fellowship Program, New York, 2014 and exhibited at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, 'Parse' in 'Unseen Presence, 2014.

© Copyright.

Selection of excerpts from Parse, 2014.

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