8 September – 28 October

Sonia Shiel's exhibition, Rectangle, squared, features large-scale paintings, punctuated by smaller sculptures and the surreal story of their fabrication.

Her immersive works explore the illusory world in which a fictional artist finds herself having been presented with an opportunity – a rectangle. Bold, yet enigmatic, Shiel’s works conjure theatrical devices in a staged aesthetic, involving ‘props’ that draw attention to themselves, speaking objects and speechless characters.

The artist's monologue, Rectangle, articulated in many voices, provides additional context to the works’ materiality. Like all the objects in the exhibition, the story exaggerates a sense of the quizzical and mischievousness encountered in our everyday lives, while trying to make sense of our surroundings and obligations. Shiel contemplates the mundane and magical drama of living while ultimately exploring what it means to be creative.

Dawn Williams, Curator.

This work has been completed with the support of the UCD Artist in Residence Program, NCAD's Incubation Residency, the Arts Council and DLRCoCo.

Voices by Laura Cummins; Sara French; Daniel McNamara; Tzarini Meyler and Shelly Harder.
Written and narrated by Sonia Shiel.

Installation shots, The Crawford Gallery, Cork, 2017.
Audio work duration: 01:00:00. mp3.©
All works: Dimensions variable, oil on canvas, wood and sponge; parabolic speaker, mp3.©
Exhibition runs until October 28th, 2017 at the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork.

Still Life, with Window, 2017 Still Life, with Plan, 2017 Still Life, with Stairs, 2017 Still Life, with Stairs, 2017 Still Life, with Empty Nest, 2017 Still Life, with Forest, 2017 Still Life, with Breadcrumbs, 2017 Still Life, with Still-Lives, 2017 Still Life, with Think-Tank, 2017 Still Life, with Bouquet, 2017 Still Life, with Bouquet, 2017 Still Life, with Dogs, 2017 Still Life, with Bouquet, 2017 Still Life, with Nudes, 2017 Still Life, with Roots, 2017 Rectangle Squared, 2017 - AudioMp3©